From Photographer to Birth Doula...

Wow! What a lot of changes are going on here! I've spent the morning working on completely overhauling my website (still totally a work in progress!) to reflect my new business direction. Once I get over all of the technical difficulties that inevitably come up when someone with limited technical knowledge tries to design a website and I stop to think about what it is that I'm doing I get so excited! 

Photography has been an amazing journey for me. I've gone from "a mom with a camera" to a business woman who tries hard to balance my family and my career. 

As a photographer I felt confident in my ability to tell the birth story in photos for a family. I have loved being used to create images that literally take my breath away, images that I go back and look at over and over because the emotion is so deep that they never get old. 

As I realized that I wanted to photograph birth and the first year exclusively I decided to invest in birth doula training. I thought it would help me to be more prepared to support the laboring mom. I really didn’t expect that it would change the direction of my business. By the time the training was done though, I knew I would be pursuing certification as a doula. I became a Certified Lactation Counselor as well so I would be better prepared to support women as they begin their journey with a new little one.

And so, Robin’s Nest was born!  This next year I will be transitioning my business from photographer to a full time doula and lactation counselor.  

 I will always be an artist and a photographer so I can guarantee that there will be a camera with me at birth but in the near future I will be limiting photography clients to only those families that I have supported through pregnancy and the first year as a doula. 

(Ok, that last bit isn't entirely true- I also love to do business and corporate headshots and so I will continue to provide that service... so we'll see how that meshes with the new birth schedule... or the lack of a schedule that comes when working in the birth world;) )