Every story has a beginning...


As a birth doula I have the incredible privilege of being present for the beginning of many stories! A mother's birth story is a powerful thing. It can dispel false assumptions and myths that surround birth in our culture and telling the story can give a birthing couple an empowering opportunity to share one of the most transformative experiences of thier lives with others.  I will be providing space here for mom's to share a wide variety of birth stories- births that went according to 'the plan' and those whose plan turned sharply off course. I honor each woman's story here and hope that you will grow in your knowledge of birth through hearing these stories. Even more importantly though I hope hearing these stories will help you to see that birth is an amazing and wonderful journey- no matter what path that journey may take.

...and every beginning is a story.


The Lafferty's

Stephanie and Courtney are first time parents and although prepared for birth they realize that no amount of preparation can really give you an adequate picture of what it will be like!